Korea Special Library Association

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Annual Events
Feb General Meeting & Workshop
Mar Education Program: Basic Course
May Staff Workshop (Summer)
Jun Academic Seminar
Aug Education Program: Annual Course
Sep National Library Conference: KSLA Session
Nov Staff Workshop (Winter)



KSLA was established with the purpose of information exchange, knowledge sharing, and job training of member libraries for the promotion of librarianship and the advancement of special libraries.

Name Korea Special Library Association
President Mu-Suk Oh (msoh@kisdi.re.kr)
Homepage http://ksla.info
Address National Library of Korea, Sejong 3F
48, Dasom 3-ro, Sejong-si
30120, Republic of Korea
Phone : +82-44-866-4496
E-mail : ksla@ksla.info

1972 STIMA was established
※ Special libraries for science and technology
1989 KIRSA was established
※ Special libraries for social sciences and humanities
1998 Union DB was built and ILL service was started
2009 STIMA and KIRSA were merged into KSLA
The fi rst issue of "KSLA Bulletin" was published
2011 Representatives were dispatched to the ICoASL 2011
"Special Libraries Handbook" was published
2012 "Collection of Best Practices" was published
2013 Representatives were dispatched to JSLA Meeting
2014 JSLA Representatives were invited to KSLA Meeting
2015 ICoASL 2015 was held in Seoul, Kore

Membership Regular Members Special Members Life Members
Number 123 41 2

1) Regular Members : Government institutes, Companies, Universities, etc.
2) Special Members : Publishers, Resellers, etc.
3) Life Members : Retired Persons


Resource Sharing KSLA is collecting each member library's MARC data to construct a union DB and libraries are sharing resources through DDS as well as ILL services.
Education Program Basic Course is aimed at the new librarians for the acquisition of knowledge including special library's characteristics, librarian's calibre, major issues, related new technologies, establishment story of a new special library, best winner's successful story in national library evaluation, etc.
Advanced Course is aimed at the senior librarians so that they can expand library activities as well as strengthen professionalism. There are 2 courses for science and technology and social sciences which are open to librarians in all types of libraries in cooperation with the National Library of Korea.
Annual Course is aimed at the fi eld librarians to share information about current topics and each library's solution.
Commissioned Course is a customized course based on each institute's request for the training of SCI research paper writing, research ethics and research notes, utilization of patent information, etc.
Mentoring Service Mentoring services are provided to improve each librarian's capability by sharing advanced experiences and expanding knowledge between mentor and mentee among KSLA member libraries.